Key Features:

    • Perfect Everyday Companion: Introducing the Most Advanced Home Smart Phone System in the market! Designed and engineered in Japan, it sports Bluetooth® connectivity with a USB Charging Port. This new series from Uniden now enables you to dial and receive mobile calls on the cordless handset for convenience and versatility, as well as charge your Mobile Phone simultaneously.
    • Feature-packed Design: It boasts intercom / announce call transfer, room monitor/audio baby monitor, speed dial, polyphonic ring tones, time and date display, hearing aid compatible [T-Coil], belt chip with shoulder support profile innovation, headset compatible, wall and desk mountable, and eco-friendly mode. This device also features an integrated digital answering machine with 30 minutes record time, TTS technology—caller announce caller ID* from base, and a visual message waiting for call indicator.
    • Call Block PRO: We’ve introduced a handy NEW feature to the XDECT® 83xx series – the feature is Call Block PRO, which helps to minimise unwanted phone numbers. The Call Block PRO feature goes further by targeting call centre nuisance calls (i.e. Telemarketers) and will block registered numbers that share the first digits of the phone number but with a different extension number.
    • Power Failure Protection: When a Power Failure occurs, the charged handset temporarily supplies power to the base unit. You can then make and receive calls using a handset.
    • XDECT Distinctive Aspect: What makes XDECT® unique and superior to other cordless phones is the diversity antenna system for optimal reception and clarity by mitigating multi-path errors. The high-gain antenna allows for greater range and eliminates dropout areas in your home.
    • Seamless Connections: The new Uniden XDECT® Bluetooth® / USB Cordless Phone Series combines the intelligence of Integrated Bluetooth® combined with a USB Charging Port feature. With a stylish, Slim Design, the XDECT® 83xx range is the perfect marriage between a “Smartphone” & a “Home phone”. Ideal for modern high-density urban living, the XDECT® Bluetooth® / USB is designed to deliver excellent call clarity. The phones are also Wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly, so they will not interfere with other wireless networks around the home or office—essential for the connected household.
    • XDECT 83xx Series: Allows you to pair up to 4 mobile phones, making it ideal in a large household and small business where one phone is used. The XDECT® 83xx series also gives you the ability to download your phonebook from mobile phones to the cordless phone book with a massive 6000 Phonebook Capacity. The XDECT® 83xx Series multi-handset is capable of allowing connection of up to twelve (12) handsets from the one phone line to suit larger households, making life easier.
    • USB Charging Port: Allows you to charge your USB devices at your convenience—no more looking for that spare power point.
    • HD Sound: The XDECT® 83xx now has Improved Voice Clarity when making and receiving calls. What makes this phone so special is it allows you to call conferences on both your mobile call and landline call on one phone.
    • Product Specifications: Up to 10 day standby time, up to 10 hours talk time, DC 2.4V, 650mAH battery capacity, and 165mm (H) x 185mm (W) x 145mm (D) dimensions.
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Stay connected to what matters the most with Uniden XDECT 8355+2WP Cordless Phone! A handy everyday companion, this home smartphone system features Wireless [WiFi] network support, digital duplex speakerphone, room monitor or audio baby monitor function, intercom or announce call transfer, and more. It also boasts up to 10 days of standby time and up to 10 hours of talk time to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

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