• Wideband Receive 100kHz-1309.995 MHz*
  • Built-in audio low pass filter FM earphone cord antenna for AM Aviation as well as FM broadcast
  • DTCS and CTCSS tone squelch function and reverse tone squelch Ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcast 150mW loud audio with internal speaker
  • Power save function: 30-120 minutes auto power off timer
  • Automatic LCD backlight Priority watch function with beep alert
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The IC-R6’s combination of small size, powerful specifications and outstanding features puts you in the action, whether listening in on your favourite driver’s car-to-pit radio calls while at the race track, looking for something new while travelling, monitoring aviation, marine and emergency services or catching your favourite radio programmes at home. Make up your own channel names for each of up to 1300 memory channels, with 22 memory banks and channel recognition is easy! The IC-R6’s LCD display lets you use numbers, letters or a combination of both when naming channels and banks. Icom’s exclusive Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS) gives you the flexibility to customize and manage the IC-R5’s memory banks the way you want or need.Power on the go is easy, thanks to the IC-R6’s ability to operate from a variety of power sources. You may: use the included 2 x AAsize rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries: or use long storage life AA x Alkalines. An optional extra DC jack allows for simultaneous battery charging while operating the radio.With the optional CS-R6 software and cable, IC-R6 programming and cloning are a breeze. Hook your IC-R5 up to a PC and you’re ready to customize channel names, scan lists, and more.

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