Key Features:

  • UV resistant plastic or 316 stainless steel options
  • 5000K (White)
  • Multivolt 12-24
  • 4.0W ( 0.33A@12V / 0.16A@24V )
  • Completely sealed
  • Recessed mount
  • CE
  • Pre-wired with 500mm tinned marine cable
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New generation EuroLED 150 lamps combine single LED technology with precision optics for impressive light output and energy efficiency.
Consuming 4W, each lamp is a completely sealed unit ensuring an ultra long service life in interior or exterior installations. MultivoltTM circuitry provides consistent illumination and protection across 9-33V DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages.

Glare diffusion without light loss is important with any LED lamp to maintain efficiency and safety, particularly with powerful lamps such as the EuroLED series. Without the protection of advanced optics, significant eye strain can result from periods of looking directly into a powerful LED point source. Advanced Hella marine lens technology provides a safe, smooth and uniform light pattern, without glare or discomfort. EuroLED 150 Lamps can be recess or surface mounted and come supplied with a surface mount spacer.

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White Plastic Rim, Polished Stainless Steel Rim

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