Key Features:

  • Maximum freedom of design and technology thanks to modular system.
  • More illumination and safety through innovative LED technology.
  • Striking design: Annular homogeneous daytime running light / position light or direction indicator
  • Robust die-cast aluminium housing with integrated electronics.
  • LED headlights increase safety. Thanks to the daylight-like illumination, the driver sees much better and does not tire as quickly.
  • Ø: 90mm – Length: 125mm – Height: 126mm – Depth: 143mm – Lamp Type: LED – with accessories – Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Light functions: 1 – with low beam (LED)
  • Requires: 4 pole DT connector

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Led 90mm lowbeam featuring a generous spread of light. Low power consumption and ultra long life equates to economical running costs compared to a bulb lamp. Exceptional white light output and extremely homogeneous illumination for reduced driver strain which means greater safety.

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