• Anderson plug with interchangeable power cords for different regional users
  • Large handle
  • Adjustable mounting brackets for easy permanent installation to most shop vehicle lifts
  • Dual temperature-controlled cooling fans
  • Service mode prevents battery discharge during service and in the showroom
  • Boost mode for quickly adding energy to severely discharged or large-capacity batteries
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Stable voltage for major ECU reprogramming and diagnostic work

For major vehicle ECU reprogramming or diagnostic work, trust the Schumacher INC100 to provide constant power to standard, calcium, AGM, start-stop, and gel cell batteries. This model has a standard output of 70 continuous amps and a max output of 100 amps, and its power supply is completely microprocessor controlled.

Sealed in a durable aluminum case, this power supply features a digital volts and amps display and users can select their desired amperage from 13.0 to 14.8V DC as well as a flash reprogram function. The user can also choose between service mode and boost mode, depending on if they need to prevent battery discharge or add energy to severely discharged or large-capacity batteries. The INC100 also comes with replaceable heavy-duty clamps with multiple output cable selection.

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